Personal CORE for Resume Profile

Connect 建立連結

Stakeholder Brainstorm

Offer 提供價值

Sticky Exercise

  1. What key facts should people know about you? (if they knew nothing else)
    1. What is the most valuable thing you bring to a company?
  2. How do you want people to feel about you?
    1. Ex. super serious academic? Professional businesswomen? What part of your personality do you want people to see? Meticulous? Humorous?
  3. What are you most proud of? (this is personal, not about “world-leading”)
    1. Professionally (to you personally, maybe for others, speaking on stage is easy, but for you, it’s personal growth and professional achievement)
    2. Personally (the first person in your family to a Ph.D? Or your friends would go “Wow” when they learn what you’ve done)
  4. What benefits can someone get from working with you?
    1. In a professional setting [deliver results on time]
    2. In a personal setting [Good listener? Great networker? ]
  5. What kind of problem are you good at solving / you’re interested in solving? In a professional setting
    1. In a personal setting
  6. What is your personal “unfair advantage”? {Meaning other people just cannot compete with you. For example, being friendly can be nice, but other people can be friendly as well, so what is that something that you can do while others just can’t as easily. [Ex. Nick’s speed of learning]}

Creating your Offer

Choose 3 things that would make people go “I really want to connect to this person.”

Build your Summary from these 3 things

  1. Choose which thing will be most important to the new company
  2. Give evidence of #1
  3. Choose the next most important things
  4. Give evidence